Update Reloaded Number one

* Raila’s secret pg2
 * Former MP now can’t raise matatu fare Pg2
* Candid confessions of a Nyeri woman Pg3
* How good people change when they become president of the republic of Kenya Pg4
* Change ur thinking & start making cash
Pg5 * Makueni woman causes tough bank boss to go crazy, crazy. Promotion pap! Gari pap!
Pg6 * Carol Nyege column: She was angry and so she forgot & told me am boring in bed
Pg8 * Nairobi cop & his many amazing escapes from deadly traps set by thugs. Is he using Witchcraft?
Pg9 * Mini-skirt wearing women attempt to rape Jaguar Kigegeu & we have the pictures to prove it.
Pg10 * Thinnest woman in the world eats like a pig Pg10 * WWW wrestling John Cena tore muscle & didn’t even notice it.
Pg11 * Movie reviews of the hottest movies Pg12
 Quotes from articles in this issue;

Flat Broke Former MP Lacks Matatu Fare, Walks To Town
"things seem to have changed for this former flamboyant MP who used to drive sleek cars and is no longer the avid golfer he was when in parliament.
    He was recently spotted on Waiyaki way on foot trekking from his residence in Loresho and walking in the direction of town. This former MP now relies on handouts from one of his daughters who works abroad."

Candid Confessions of a Nyeri Woman
"Those of you who hate Nyeri woman I urge you to do a small experiment. Provide food for your Nyeri woman, pay the rent and at night make passionate love to her for at least one hour. And be sure to know the right places to touch and the right things to do. Your Nyeri woman will soften so much she will not be able to even swat or hurt a fly, let alone beat you up senseless. She will kneel when she gives you food and she will call you “my mboss.” It is true. Just try it."

The Thinnest woman in the world
"...spends her days wolfing down burgers, fries and cake, consuming more than three times the normal calorie requirements.
    Nevertheless, Velasquez has no fat at all on many parts of her body — which, in her case, literally means zero fat. That is in contrast to, say, bodybuilders who claim to not have a single gram of fat on their body when they still have about 6 to 8 percent body fat. In fact doctors can’t explain how she can be so underweight and still be alive."

Makueni woman turns tough bank boss crazy, crazy
"My source also adds that although Kamba women in general have a reputation between the sheets, women from Makueni are in a class of their own when it comes to pleasing a man. They will scream in pleasure during sex and swing their hips in all directions even as they wrap their legs around the man in a manner that world class Olympic gymnasts would greatly admire. This usually drives a man nuts and after a single encounter with a Makueni girl most men will want nothing but marriage. In fact they do not even seem to care if the girl is a prostitute or not. they just feel that they must have the woman living permanently under their roof. And it does not matter if it is wife number one, two three or even four.
    It is believed that the tough bank boss was reduced to a meek sheep by the charms and talents of this woman from Makueni which are all very normal where she comes from..."

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